“Because I read that copy of Gertrude Stein that you left in the bathroom

so I know that NARRATIVE shows FORM at any one time which means AFFECT and the organization of emotion and its potentials, the structures (physical, administrative, literary, political) to communicate desire and feeling between YOU and ME.”

—excerpt of Baise-Moi Judith




03.08.19 >>

THE LABYRINTH: A Convening on the Work of Kathy Acker, ICA London (UK), with Georgina Colby, Daniel Schulz and Matias Viegener. >>Information from the ICA<<  

11.07.19 to 22.08.19 >>>

In Chicago USA ☆ organizing workshops and ateliers > come by ⚢ ♡ ⚧ ♡ ⚢ 

la rentrée 2019 >>

with RER Q:
29.08.19: Jerk Off Festival (Paris FR)
26.09.19: festival Des Sexes et Des “Femmes” (Paris FR)
19.20.19: festival “Littérature, etc” (Lille FR) 
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