“Because I read that copy of Gertrude Stein that you left in the bathroom

so I know that NARRATIVE shows FORM at any one time which means AFFECT and the organization of emotion and its potentials, the structures (physical, administrative, literary, political) to communicate desire and feeling between YOU and ME.”

—excerpt of Baise-Moi Judith



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En kiosque mars-avril 2020

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* text in Quotidienne D2rivation sous les 2crans LCD - a project of Theo Robine Langois with DUUU radio and Maxime Actis, Melanie Blaison, Claire Finch, Tatiana Karl Pez, Bocar Freeman, sabrina soyer, Martin Widmer.

* new collaboration CRAZY CREEPY CUNTS with Clement Gagliano, in TACO! publications, Dreamtimes Free n.1

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* Charlène et David à la radio, reading my translation of Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore’s The Sink, Radio campus Bruxelles >> écoutez ici <<

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* Festival les écritures bougées 2020, avec CRAZY CREEPY CUNTS, Notre video dispo sur youtube >>ici!<<

* CANETTE 3: dyke party PLUS experimental literature, organized with Elodie Petit, readings by Mia Brion. 
2 juillet 2020, 19h30, parc de la vilette

* residence radio DUUU + live! organized by Theo Robine Langois / Quotidienne D2rivation sous les 2crans
1-4 juillet 2020

SEXUAL LITERARY BARF - participative conference for the solo show of Louise Siffert, “Gut Feelings.” BBB Centre d’Art Contemporain, Toulouse (France) 
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